Join our upcoming webinar on Primary Aldosteronism


The forest, the trees, and the pitfalls in the evaluation and management of primary aldosteronism

Monday, 25 April 2022
14:00 – 15:30 CET 
Primary aldosteronism is a highly prevalent and severely under-diagnosed syndrome that contributes to cardiovascular and kidney disease and can be mitigated with targeted therapies. Join Dr. Anand Vaidya and Dr. Richard Auchus in an educational session that will address major updates in our understanding of this syndrome, its diagnosis, and optimal treatment.
After attending this webinar, you will be given the tools to:

1) Identify concepts in the pathogenesis of the primary aldosteronism syndrome.
2) Explain the prevalence and under-recognition of the primary aldosteronism syndrome.
3) Identify updated approaches to diagnosing primary aldosteronism.
4) Describe optimal and pragmatic approaches to treating primary aldosteronism.
The webinar will be chaired and moderated by Dr. André Lacroix and Dr. Gregory Kaltsas.

Bron: ISE international Society of endocrinology