A name change for Solu-Cortef


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Publication date: maart 2023

When picking up your next prescription, you might notice a slight packaging difference for your emergency injection medication. The previously branded ‘Solu Cortef’ hydrocortisone injection will now be known as ‘Hydrocortisone 100mg Powder for Solution for Injection or Infusion 1x2ml (vial with diluent)’ as it changes to the generic version.

No changes to the formulation

The generic version is identical to the branded version of Solu-Cortef in terms of formulation and presentation as you can see from our picture – the only change is to the name.

How the ADSHG will respond to the name change

Whilst the roll out of the new name on the packaging has already begun, you may still receive prescriptions with ‘Solu Cortef’ on while previous supplies are used up by your pharmacy. We wanted to let you know about this change as we will be updating our emergency injection training materials to reflect this name change.

As so many of us in the community refer to the injection as “Solu Cortef”, to avoid confusion we will include “ex/previously Solu-Cortef” in our communications about Hydrocortisone 100mg Powder for Solution for a period of time. This worked well for our community when the former branded product Efcortesol injection was relaunched as generic, and is often still referred to in the community as “ex Efcortesol”.

Source: Addison’s Self-Help Group